Hypermarkets are opening the doors to organic retail stores

In addition to developing shelf-displays dedicated to organic products, many “classic” distributors are looking at developing a dedicated network to contribute to the “democratisation process for organic products”. Carrefour was first to develop a dedicated network. In 2013, it launched “Carrefour bio” in Paris. 17 Carrefour Bio stores exist to date. The management team plans to multiply by 4 the sales of organic products to reach 5billion euros in such ensuring a bright future for the development of its Carrefour Bio network. Others then followed. Last November, Auchanbio was launched with a store of 450sqm offering a range of 4200 products, with the aim of reaching a network of 100 Auchanbio stores. The first store of E. Leclerc bio was launched in January this year, with a surface of 400sqm offering a range of 6000 products. Michel-Edouard Leclerec announced early February the development of a network of 200 organic stores. While the aim is to facilitate access to organic products, one of the challenges faced by the distributors is that suppliers of organic products are not necessarily keen to work with traditional brands, let alone the fact that those mass-market brands are in contradiction with the principles of many organic consumers’ militants.

Morgan Leclerc, LSA n. 2496, 1st March 2018
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