Food supermarkets will increase their takes on organic products

With a growth of +20.9%, sales of organic products took off in 2017 to reach an unprecedented level. “It is the strongest progression registered in 5 years, which goes above the 20% mark. This on a market valued to 3.6 billion euros” says Karine Sanouillet, vice-president in charge of retail at Iri. Pushed by consumers looking for quality products, this growth should continue and brands are looking to widen their range and to double the number of their private labels products in 2018 compared to 2017. In 2017, private labels’ market shares in value represented 44.1% of the total turnover for organic products. The number of shelf-displays dedicated to organic products will increase significantly. Distributors are also trying to secure their supply according to different criteria such as product availability and healthy products. To do so, distributors are developing dedicated supply chains in partnership with producers and industrials.

LSA, n. 2496, 1st March 2018
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