Organic products are doing well at the self-service refrigerated section

Organic products’ turnover was of 8billion euros in 2017. The turnover for organic products is doing very well at the self-service refrigerated section with 4.2% vs 3.5% for the total of the CPG. It is mainly driven by dairy products (6.7%) and non-dairy fresh products (2.6%) as well as frozen food and ice creams (1.3%) according to IRI’s data. The potential for growth on these three categories is still strong. If the current growth of 18.7% is maintained year on year, sales of organic products on the self-service refrigerated section could go beyond 4 billion euros by 2022 (vs 1.7 billion euros in 2017). Organic products contribute to around 66% of the growth on the total of CPG. It represents 100% for the frozen products-ice creams, 61% on dairy products, 38% on self-service refrigerated food and 20% for non-dairy fresh products.

Camille Harel, LSA, 23rd March 2018
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