New era for producers of ice-creams

The ice cream sector is buzzing. Producers are developing new strategies of diversification and are looking at organic opportunities. Strongly linked to the weather conditions, 2017 has been very successful for the sector. Sales progressed by 4.3% in value and 2.4% in volume from April to October 2017 representing a turnover of €921.6M. For 2018, Magnum will widen its tubs range by offering new flavours such as strawberry and praline. Mars will develops its sticks range with Snickers. Berengere Dupuis, Director of marketing at Haagen-Dazs says “there is an appetite for both tubs and sticks, each growing respectively by17.7% and 14.8%”. Innovation represents a large portion of the sector turnover and as such Unilever in partnership with Ferrero will launch this summer the Kinder’s ice cream sticks and sandwiches  and Kinder Bueno in cones and mini-cones. Organic and vegan ice creams will also appear on our shelves this year. Unilever through Carte d’Or will offer four organic ice cream flavours and Ben &Jerry’s will bet on three new vegan flavours. New comers are also developing on this segment, such as What?! The French (WTF). WFT launches a range of 10 organic ice cream tubs aiming to reach 10% market share in value by 2019. Their targeted audience is the millennial generation and they will heavily use different social networks to stay close to them. The ice cream sector is not only a time associated with eating but becomes a way of life.

Camille Harrel, LSA n. 2499, 22 March 2018
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