Energy drinks keep their strenghts

Their weak penetration rate in France compared to larger European markets means energy drinks have a strong potential. Indeed, while soft-drinks were up +0.4%  in value in 2017, energy drinks were the 3rd contributor to the soft-drinks market in value and in volume. Their turnover was up +7.6%, equivalent to €199.9M. « Energy drinks are valued, with an average price per liter three times superior to the price of a soft-drink. With a penetration rate of 10% energy drinks have a strong potential for growth » says Guillaume Vetillart, associated director brands and innovations at Coca-Cola European PArtners France.

new comers on the market are on the rise with Distrisun. Its latest product – the UK Brand Scheckter’s Organic Energy which was conceived by Toby Scheckter (former racing driver) is organic. « Its energising effect comes from a combination of green tea extracts, gingseng and organic green coffee beans » says Franck Akermann, the brand Ambassador in France. On the larger scale, the market fundamentals remain the same : traditional energy drinks represent 85% in volume. But the innovations (representing 15%) show a 11% growth in volume, against 8.8% for the total market in 2017.

Armand Chauvel, LSA n. 2499 22 March 2018
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