Carrefour and Système U get together for the purchasing

Carrefour and Système U have just declared today finalising a cooperation agreement for purchasing for a period of 5 years. This cooperation agreement will focus on negotiating the prurchasing from big national and international brands. Commercial and promotional policies will remain under the responsibility of each Carrefour and Système U. They are also strenghtening their commitment towards agricultural producers. The « Etats Généraux de l’alimentation  (the Food and Feed reform) have shown the need to rebuild the historical partnership between the food distribution sector and the French agriculture » said Carrefour and Système U. This partnership will be around prices and volumes in order to provide to producers – over time – a fair remuneration. The cooperation between Carrefour and Système U is planned to start early Autumn, ahead of the 2019 negotiations.

In so doing, Système U puts an end to its planned alliance with Auchan and Casino. 

Yves Puget, 25 April 2018,
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