Pastries meet all expectations

With a growth of 4.1% in value (€2.3 bn turnover) and a growth in volume of 2.5%, the pastry market is doing very well. Cécile Dubois-Vénière, Brand Manager at Brossard, gives three reasons for this : « Performing shelves displays, brands that innovate and attractive promotional offers ». Looking at the product format, consumers’ preference goes to individual packs. Gaetan de Lamberterie, Director of the Pastry sector at Carrefour France says  « instead of choosing a big cake to share, consumers will go for individuals cakes so everyone’s taste is satisfied ». In volume, this means a growth of +5.4% for individual industrial pastries. The consumers are also concerned about quality products. Consequently, industrials now highlight « free-from oil palm » on their packaging. 85% of Brossard’s range is now free-from oil palm with the objective to reach 100% for their range says Cécile Dubois-Vénière. Eggs’ origin, additives and the amount of salt and sugar are also ingredients to which industrials pay attention.

Chocolate in pastries is still approved by consumers: pains au chocolat in volume have grown by +4.4% vs. Croissants -3.5%, and milk breads with chunks of chocolate have grown +10.4% vs +0.2% for plain milk breads. While brioches have the biggest market share of the pastry sector with €173m of turnover, its volume are decreasing by 0.9%.

Margot Ziegler, LSA N. 2495, 22 February 2018
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