French Gourmets have an appetite for Italian deli meats

Aside from the traditional Parma ham, Italian deli meats in France are not that well known. Alessandra Pierini, MD at Rapp grocery, specialized in the sales of Italian products, says: “The French only know a small proportion of the Italian offer, but their appetite for it is undeniable”. Salami is the most consumed Italian deli meat in France, followed by Aoste ham and raw Italian ham. However, other specialties are becoming popular such as the coppa (+8.8%) and pancetta (+5.7%). “The popularity of Italian deli meats is due to the image it carries, that is of a more premium meat” says Fabrice Gour, in charge of promoting Parma Ham and Parmesan PDO in France. However, Italian organic meats are not very developed says Alessandra Pierini as “organic meats are more in demand in France than in Italy”. Hypermarkets and Supermarkets are also responsible for the good dynamic of these products. “80% of consumers buy their Italian meats at Supermarkets/Hypermarkets” says Fabrice Gour. In 2017, the turnover for sliced Aoste dry ham represented €55M (+2.9%) and the turnover for sliced dry raw Italian ham represented €23M (+3.2%).

Margot Ziegler, LSA Hors-Série, April 2018
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