The new food habits of the French

The food market is good through a deep transformation with the emergence of gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan, organic products and so on. The French have more and more an appetite for alternative products. According to a study Bjorg, Bonneterre and Compagnie carried out by OpinionWay last September, only 4% are buying organic products or Fair Trade products. The rest of the people surveyed are mixing up alternative with conventional products. The main obstacle is price. However, more and more French people are ready to spend more on fruits and vegs (55%), meat (39%), eggs (37%) or dairy products (31%). Food intake is also changing. 9% of the French are avoiding entirely specific products such as lactose (17%), or gluten (14%). 17% have opted for a specific diet amongst which 11% call themselves flexitarians, 2% vegans, and 1% vegetarians. The study shows that a new type of consumer is emerging: the flexitarian. Even if its proportion represents a minority (11%) it keeps on growing as shows the strong growth for vegetal products in 2016: +58%. Opting for those new diets matches a change of lifestyle motivated by the will to be healthier (53%), environmental protection (39%) and animal rights (31%).

Camille Harel,, 16 May 2018
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