Nutrition: French consumers looking for proofs

Following a research carried out by INRA and the University of Paris-XIII, Nutri-Set Santé reveals that “an increased of 10% in the proportion of ultra-processed ingredients in food diet appears to be associated with an increase of over 10% of risks to develop cancer”. As such, consumers have lost confidence in food products. And this is reinforced by Scientists, NGOs and the media which are debating on pesticides, sugar, gluten, and salt’s effects on health to name a few. As well as sanitary scandals such as the Lactalis’s crisis. During the fipronil eggs crisis, 42% of the French said they were worried about their eggs consumption and cakes. In 2017, the French State put in place the Nutri-score index aimed at providing nutritional information to help consumers to go for healthier products. While this index was adopted by over 30 producers and supermarket brands, it did not take into account the use of additives, place of production etc. Without a global index, the consumer remains in the dark. In such context, organic food is booming registering a market growth of 20% in 2017. To regain consumers’ confidence, some producers even open their manufacturing doors to clients such as Fleury Michon. Others consider the blockchain system to reach a larger proportion of consumers. The blockchain system is a technology that enables the transmission and sharing of information at all stages of production. Carrefour was the first this year to launch its own blockchain.

Marie Nicot, LSA n.2501, April 2018
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