Système U will grow stronger on its organic wines offer for its next Autumn Fair

For its Autumn wine fair, Système U will propose an offer made of 15% organic wines, (against 10% last year) amongst 900 outlets.

After multiplying by three its offer of organic wines in 2017, Système U will continue to promote this category with a selection of wines for its Autumn Fair 2018 made of 15% of organic wines. “We want to fight prejudicies” says Gerard Bregeon, Wine category manager – “Organic wines’s prices are reasonable and quality is here too”. “There is a real demand from customers” adds Jean-Francois Rovire, Wines group manager at Système U. in 2019, the group plans to propose 25 organic wines.

The Fair will also be flexible and be adapted depending on the profil of the outlets. There will be 400 products on offer for Hypermarkets to 50 products for the U express. “For the U express in city centres, the offer will focus more on champagnes and less on cardboard boxes” says Jean-Francois Rovire. “On the other hand, in rural areas, there will be more cardboard boxes on offer as transport is easier”.

Rayon boissons, 30 May 2018
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