Yogurts and fresh / frozen desserts are reinventing themselves

Yogurts and fresh desserts markets are not doing well. Sales are decreasing by 1.3% in value and 1.9% in volume for fresh desserts and by 0.5% in value and 2.3% in volume for yogurts.

However there are strong disparities depending on the category of ultra-fresh products. Premium products are booming while low-fat products and traditional products are struggling. “Gourmet products are performing as they carry a message of being natural, such as alternative and vegan products” says Guillaume Bertier. Indeed, the Vegan category has grown over the last few months registering a turnover of over 90million euros y.o.y by end of March, a growth of +7.8%.

Almost all of the actors on the market are positioning themselves by offering innovative products to respond to consumers demand, keen on natural products and alternative to animal proteins. In 3 years, 34% of households in France include at least one person keen on limiting its consumption of animal proteins.

In addition to the growth of vegan products, dairy products based on goat and sheep’s milks are developing as they grow by 16.4% in value and 18.1% in volume. Also, organic products are developing on this segment registering a growth of 14% in volume and 18%in value.

While organic products seem to be an established trend on the ultra-fresh segment, it remains to be seen if the vegan trend will also follow this path. However gourmet products on the segment play the card of innovation and it works.

Camille Harel, 7 June 2018, www.lsa-conso.fr
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