The new Eldorado of vegetarian-based desserts

Almond-, oat-, soya or coconut-based, whether they are organic or not, a new range of brands attack the traditional desserts sector. Manufacturers bet on the fact that French will privilege vegetable proteins. While according to Nielsen, only 2% of the French consumers say they are vegetarian, 4% say they are flexitarian and 16% try to avoid eating meat. The rationale behind it is broad: being keen on healthy eating, while protecting the environment and animal well-being, being curious for new products or a will to ban lactose from the menu. As such, the share of alternative products on the frozen section (products based on ewe’s milk and vegetarian desserts) was of up 9.1% at the end of 2017, representing a growth of +16% in value, thanks to organic products.

The share of Soja-based products represented €82m at the end of 2017, and other desserts based on plants such as coconut represent €0.9m but should grow in 2018. A specialist of merchandising says “a frozen section in hypermarkets includes 900 products. To make room for vegetarian-based desserts, products such as low-fat or hyper-proteinated desserts could disappear”.

Marie Nicot, LSA Hors Série April 2018
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