Quality standards: the French are putting pressure on brands

The survey Opinion Way – Veeva carried out in June focused on how French consumers feel about the Food industry
The survey reveals that the quality of the product is the key factor when shopping. 95% of the French consider quality when buying food products. Another aspect that is striking says Romain Marcel – General Director at Veeva is “ that the French are disappointed when it comes to food. Despite private labels products going premium and organic products flourishing over the last few years, French consumers are less and less confident about what they are eating”. And 31% consider the quality of food products has gone down. Four aspects however seem to reassure them: the product ingredients (65%), when it is of French origin (47%), whether there is a label on its packaging (42%), and its manufacturing standard (41%). If French consumers happen to be disappointed by the product, then 80% are likely to advise their relatives against the product, 77% would even advise against the brand as a whole. And up to 75% would not trust the brand anymore and not buy from it again. Finally, while consumers require stronger measures to prove the quality of the product, they remain suspicious of brands. Most of the people surveyed consider brands are putting in place quality control procedures by constrain (41%), or because they worry about their reputation (32%). Only 24% consider brands are doing so out of respect of their clients.

Jean-François Aubry, www.lemondedusurgele.fr , 4th September 2018
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