So-and-so period for ready-to-drink cocktails

After years of intense innovation, the segment for ready-to-drink cocktails registers a lack of investment. Despite the launch of frozen cocktails on the market in 2017, ready-to-drink cocktails are going down by almost 2% in volume and 3.5% in value. They represent a turnover of 53M euros and 6.7 million litres. Innovation-based vodka, gin and cachaça are heavily impacted in terms of volume, respectively going down by 22%, 14% and 16%. In terms of flavours, Spritz is registering a phenomenal growth of +40%. With regards to brands, Saint James (+4%) and Cinzano Spritz (+40%) are the only ones on the rise. The other brands are declining such as Old Nick (-0.5%) and Bacardi Mojito up to minus 53%. “Cinzano Spritz – launched in 2015 – is exceeding all our expectations” says Marc-Antoine Hornecker – group manager for aperitif at Pernod. “Our bottle of 75cl offers the perfect dosing for one of the trendiest cocktails. This summer we offer a new format: a pack of three bottles of 20cl which addresses other ways of consuming cocktails, on-the-go, on your own or with someone”.

Indeed, as Isabelle Percebols – head of marketing products at Bardinet - says: “the market for ready-to-drink cocktails provides a wide range of helpful solutions as they often target the same consumers as the ones looking for cocktail-base, but not for the same moments.”

Armand Chauvel, LSA n. 2503 April 2018
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