What distributors think about the development of organic products

Far from being simply a trend, 60% of the distributors surveyed by LSA/LEA Nature think organic products are a key segment in the distribution sector. Consumers’ demand is the first driver pushing the distribution players to sell organic products (77%). 57% of supermarket and hypermarket players consider organic product as leverage for growth. For specialist organic retailers, 65% of them mention their personal convictions are driving their choice for organic products. In addition, 90% of the participants to the survey foresee a growth of organic products in their turnover. They are even two out of three to estimate this growth will represent over 10%. To support this growth, almost half of the respondents (44%) consider that specialist brands, private labels and national brands will have a key role to play. The challenge for organic products will be threefold: supply, consumer’s confidence and a more rigorous label. In order to preserve consumers’ confidence, 28% of the players have already developed additional guarantees which go beyond the established criteria for organic labels (71% of them in specialised distribution brands), and 25% of them are considering doing the same.

Yves Puget, 13 Septembre 2018, www.lsa-conso.fr
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