Disappointing first half 2018 for drinks in the HORECA sector

Bad news for the drink sector (excluding wines and champagnes) distributed in the HORECA sector. According to a study by Nielsen On Trade, the sector has registered a decline of minus -1.9% in volume and is only growing by +0.5% in value over the first 6 months of the year. This could be explained by bad weather and social troubles characterised by many strikes. The most impacted segment is waters, declining by -4.1%. Soft drinks sales also suffer and contribute to a loss of 38% on the semester. They are mainly affected by the decline of colas (-3.5%) and fruit juices (-3.3%).

On the spirits’ side, while Rum (+3.2%), gin (+20.5%) and vodka (+0.2%) are on the rise, they weren’t sufficient to counterbalance this category which registers on a whole a decline of -0.8%.

Finally, the beer segment is down by -0.2%. However, specialised beers drives the segment with a growth of +4.5%.

www.rayon-boissons.com 19th September 2018
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