Combatting the Downward Trend in French Frozen Food Consumption

The frozen retail sector (savoury foods) in France has been experiencing a steady decline over the past 10 years. According to LSA Commerce et Consommation, between May 2017 and May 2018, the frozen savoury sector, worth 3.6 million euro, saw a decline of 1.9 % in value and 3.7 % in volume.

The ready-meal category was the worst affected (- 4.2 % in value and – 5.2 % in volume). Fish, shellfish and meat products have also been badly hit (-2.7%, - 3.9% and – 2.3% in value respectively). On the other hand, frozen vegetables and potatoes have witnessed a relatively slight decrease in demand (- 0.2% and - 0.6% in value respectively), as consumers are deciding to opt for vegetable proteins more often. Consequently, brands like Bonduelle and Marie launched new vegetarian products in 2017 to be consumed as the “main meal” rather than the accompaniment (i.e. vegetable based lasagne and risotto).

Although organic products have exploded in the French market over the last years, the frozen category accounts for only 1.4% of the total organic category. As organic products accounted for 4.2 % of total FMCG turnover and 10% of total “vegetable” turnover in 2017, this is a category worth developing.

Irish Food Board, 21 September 2018, 
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