What « Le 4 » says about Casino’s plans

By opening « Le 4 » just next to the Champs-Elysees, Casino’s new concept store tells a lot about how the distributor sees the market evolve. Even foreign journalists are rushing in to discover this French style store of the future.

1/ Products offer: A new way of putting it together. The store is extremely selective in its offering. Medium sizes friendly, trendy or qualitative brands are on the frontline, as well as private label brands from the Casino group. Some brands – which are not traditionally working with the distribution sector – are also invited for showcase.

2/ An enhanced experience for the client, but profitable: Two key products are on display: the croque-monsieur and the wine cellar. Both of them present a high return-on-investment opportunity. The wine cellar includes two full-time wine advisers, with a start price of 20 euros a bottle, clients will also find 350 euros bottles and more. A full floor is also dedicated to Cdiscount, which is opening its first showroom in Paris, with sofas and a co-working area for clients.

3/ High-Tech store: “Le 4” is open 24/7, with no cashier. The mobile app Casino Max can manage the exploration of the connected customers. Clients less IT-savvy can still opt for the self-serve checkouts

4/ New development perspectives: ideally located to appeal to tourists, the concept store showcases itself as the good taste for French food. It could deploy this to other Parisian quarters as well as abroad.

B Merlaud, 4 Octobre 2018, www.lineaires.com
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