How Auchan Drive is expanding its presence

Auchan has opened its first pedestrian drive in Lille in October. Its offers amongst 10 000 products available for order, with four-times a day deliveries to the drive. The distributor’s objective is to receive 800 orders per week, with an average basket of €40. Additional services will soon be available at the drive, such as free coffee and a posting facility for mail. Thanks to its wide 130sqm area, there will also be room for experimentations such as on-site sales of ready-to-eat products, suppliers’ store animation and so on.

Besides, some of Auchan’s hypermarkets are getting equipped with a pool of collection lockers. This allows customers to collect their shopping in hypermarkets in which there is not enough room to open a proper drive.

Another key development will be the transition from Chronodrive under the Auchan’s brand due in 2019.

B. Merlaud, 10th October 2018,
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