Rayon Boissons releases the top 20 new products for this fall

Beers under private labels are well represented in the ranking.
Amongst them, Casino is launching its own artisanal beers “La Collective du Houblon”. Auchan is following in Systeme U, Leclerc and now Casino’s footsteps with its private label gluten-free beer “Sterling”. “Sterling” is certified from organic agriculture.
Auchan releases a me-too of Desperados Red under the brand name Jalisqo. As for Leader price, it is putting on offer a range of organic beers called Craft Organic Beer, including a gluten-free recipe. Finally, Affligem – from the Heineken group - is enriching its range with a light version beer – 4.6 degree – Affligem Light.

On the soft drinks side, Systeme U is pursuing its development of organic infused tea’s offer. On the refrigerated shelves, Systeme U launches a very trendy range of 3 different infused tea recipes available in a 1L format. Leclerc is also surfing on the infused tea trend and offers a range of 5 infused teas under the name “Fresh Tea”.
Casino launches a new offer for kids under private label: the fruit juice Doodingues available in a flat doypack. And Lidl is offering a range of refrigerated juices under private labels based on juice and fruit puree by Solevita.

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