Innovation: trends that get confirmed at the SIAL

XTC, partnering with SIAL on innovation has looked at over 2500 new products at the show. Here are the key trends on the frozen food section selected by Le Monde Du Surgele.
1/ Taste: Powerful and natural flavours. With flavouring ingredients such as ginger or saffron, chilli pepper or truffle, daily products are magnified and get a strong personality. Powerful taste is also conferred through manufacturing process such as infusion, maturation, roasting, smoking or fermentation
2/ Real: Natural food is on order, such as organic food and organic food conveying values such as animal well-being and local supply. Vegetal food for flexitarians and super-nutritive food (such as cereals, micro-seaweed) are strongly developing.
3/ Making sense: a strengthening trend is products that make sense, free from unwanted ingredients or have a clean label. For instance, pesticide-free products, antibiotics-free, palm oil-free, products reducing waste and sold by small portions, products with a packaging that can be recycled, and so on.
Jean-François Aubry, 19th October 2018

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