The future of Food&Bev at SIAL 2018 Paris - 10 things I’m learning

SIAL Paris 2018 gathered over 160.000 visitors and 7.000 exhibitors. Here are the top 3 key learnings from Kris Michiels Marketing Director & BU lead Refreshment Belux (beverages & ice cream) at Unilever:

1/ Proteins: By 2050, there will be 10 billion people to feed. It is expected that the protein demand will go up by 48%. Beans and peas are a good source of protein [well represented at SIAL], as well as Quinoa which is a key ingredient in many innovations. I see a future for dried meat pieces too – i.e. Kubdu was one of the nicer brand at the fair.

2/ Plants, Trees and nuts: not only they are a good protein replacer, they are also a healthy more sustainable alternative in a vegan or semi-vegan lifestyle. They are based ingredients in many products, also in less obvious categories such as ice popsicles with Dadu launching their own range based on Birch Tree water.

3/ Kefir waters and gut health: with over 300 different kinds of bacteria living inside of our gut, and more research showing the link between our gut and our overall health and immunity, the F&B market is jumping on this opportunity. Many kombuchas (fermented tea drinks) were on display as well as kefirs and Water Kefir which has the advantage of not containing milk. Namaste Water Kefir actually won the gold award at the SIAL innovation ceremony.

By Kris Michiels, 27 October 2018. 
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