Food industry: consumers want more transparency

Ahead of the SIAL, Kantar TNS released a study carried out across 14 countries. “9/10 consumers want more transparency” says Pascale Grelot-Girard, Director at Kantar TNS. They are after “authentic, healthy and safe products”.

Three quarter of them also look for “free-from” products: GMO-free, sugar-free, and so on. The same applies for snacking, a booming segment. Environmental-friendly and recyclable packaging are wanted. Including less ingredients and more simplicity. Consumers in France also want a fair remuneration scheme for producers (7out of 10 in France vs 1 out of 2 in the rest of the world).

Consumers also look for tasty products. The taste must be “strong and powerful” says Xavier Terlet, president of XTC World Innovation. Consumers have become more sophisticated, 6 out of 10 like to discover new products from abroad. The last trend is of course organic food. We have gone from consuming veggies for healthy reasons to consuming veggies for our own delight. Plant-based products are now a rich and tasty alternative to animal proteins.

Marie-Jose’ Cougard, 22 October 2018m Les Echos
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