Match has turned the corner

Following a difficult period, when Match had to close a third of its network and accumulated a loss of €100M, Match registers a positive growth for the 3rd year running.
Its turnover is now stable, representing €1.05bn in 2017. One of the key aspect when turning around the company was to clarify the project of the company: providing healthy fresh food is at the core of the company known internally as the “Good Food” project. 32 stores have gone through a revamp process which included the addition of 2000 to 3000 new products on offer. These products are generating an additional turnover of 5 to 7%. Very soon, 100% of the network will have been revamped.
Match’s priorities are three-folds:
-Offering up to 500 traditional products across the network which are “professionally prepared by our teams”
-Boosting the organic segment which represents 30% of Match’s offer
-And finally developing the range of locally produced food.

Interview of Louis Bouriez -CEO of Match supermarket - carried out by Florent Vacheret, Lineaires n. 351 November 2018
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