How will Brexit impact on animal feed?

Siobhan Walsh, 27th October 2018

A ‘no-deal’ Brexit would be “an immense political failure on both sides of the equation” says Prof. Michael Wallace at the R&H Hall Conference.

Compound feed used in the Republic of Ireland increased by approximately 3.4% per annum from 2008 to 2017. On this basis, five million tonnes of compound feed would be used this year in the country. The first obvious impact of Brexit on the feed sector will be the addition of extra transaction costs which would represent an add-on of approximately €55/t onto the cost of a typical cattle compound.

Also, Brexit will bring about technical barriers in relation to quality assurance criteria and product standards.

Michael added that lower non-tariff barriers for feedstuffs can be expected on feedstuffs compared to animal products. This would results in the price of imported feed from the UK being €1-3/t more expensive than other feed imports.

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