The « Yellow reflective jackets » movement: its economic impact is worrying

While they are less people taking part, the hard liners are strengthening their position and distribution warehouses are getting blocked. Retail trade associations are worried. “There have already been great losses, which have not been compensated by anticipated shopping. Last Saturday, several stores were shut, and since then the situation is not back to normal, far from it” says Jacques Creyssel from the FCD (the French retail and distribution trade association).

“We have noticed a declined activity on Saturday going up to 40-80% for some stores” says Yohann Petiot, Director of Alliance du Commerce. “Stores in the suburb areas have been more impacted that the ones in the city-centres. However, as some distribution warehouses are now blocked, we are entering in a stagnation phase. With Black Friday coming up, this is a crucial trading period and we cannot afford to miss it. We are therefore calling for the respect of freedom of movement for goods and people in order to minimise the impact of those blockages”.

Editorial office, 20 Novembre 2018,       
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