Auchan France’s restructuration by 113 « life zones »

Auchan’s structuration by format (hypermarkets, supermarkets…) will be changed to address clients’ needs. 113 “life zones” have been defined (and the number will evolve), each gathering what Auchan now calls contact points, which cover both stores and digital sites. “Each life zone will have its own business plan addressing clients’ particular needs locally” says Auchan. These 113 life zones will be split across 8 geographical locations. “Cooperation between the different contact points will enable an easier access to Auchan’s offer and services to companies, for instance the delivery of specific products to local stores which would have been prepared in Hypermarkets”, reads the press release. In Paris, the life zones will combine hypermarket, supermarket and local stores.

The harmonisation work on Auchan’s web-portal should be done by mid-2019 as well as for Chronodrive. The project linked to the life zones should start early next year, after staff consultations have been carried out. Auchan believes this new dynamic will boost its ecosystem and contribute to develop some of the zones. No quantified estimates have been released yet.

Morgan Leclerc, 13 Novembre 2018
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