Food discovery: “The Adventurous Consumer” tipped as top trend for 2019 by Innova Market Insights

Innova Market Insights releases its top 10 trends for 2019. Here are the leading top 3:

#1: Discovery of new food: +35% growth in new food & beverage launches with a discovery claim and +17% CAGR of new food & beverage launches with ethnic flavors – consumers are getting more and more adventurous with food, due in part to travelling abroad more often

#2 The Plant Kingdom: consumers are paying attention to their diets and look for a healthy and sustainable balance between meat and vegetables

#3 Alternatives to All: following on trend 2, replacement foods and ingredients are on the rise. The search for alternative proteins means a rise in the use of beans, seeds and nuts’ families, and even insects as protein ingredients for foods, as well as developments in new sources such as duckweed/water lentils.

To read the full 10 trends for the coming year, please click here:

Elizabeth Green, 13th November 2018,
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