Pastries are shining

The pastry market in hyper & supermarkets is doing well according to Kantar Worldpanel, representing over 550m euros. Its growth is of +4.7% in volume and even +5.5% in value. Thanks to cooking TV shows, cooking books and blogs, the pastry market benefits from positive coverage. While supermarkets may not be the natural place to buy pastries from in France, pastries shelves are flourishing and products’ quality is developing to compete. Brands’ competition (such as Auchan’s Best artist) boosts the trend internally and enables to showcase internal know-how amongst the distributors. Lidl is leading the way and shows that a brand can get good results with an industrial defrosted offer: it has 6.4% market shares on this segment.

Maria Guillon, Lineaires n. 351 November 2018
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