How Carrefour Bio is promoting itself as specialist retailer

Carrefour has reviewed entirely the positioning of its local store Carrefour Bio, which has been struggling to grow (20 stores in 5 years). With the opening of its new outlet in Asnières, we can see what the distributor wants to achieve. The store will spread over 230sqm and offers over 400 products. The average basket should be of €25 euros. The purpose of Carrefour Bio is to enable the local population to discover organic foods in areas where its stores are opening. Fruits and vegetables will be sold in bulk, as for grain silos and other grocery products. 500 products are withdrawn from the store to focus only on its organic private labels and other specialist organic brands that can be found in hypermarkets and supermarkets. By doing so, it aims to reinforce its image of specialist retailer. Towards the store check-outs, consumers will find manned cheese counters and bread and pastries. The business model of Carrefour Bio is based on leasing and franchising for urban stores of 200sqm in average. Two new stores should open by end 2018, and tens of additional shops should open in the course of 2019 in France and in Europe.

Merlaud, 22 Novembre 2018,
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