Monoprix makes new commitments on animal welfare

In view of the international day for animal welfare, Monoprix is taking new commitments towards poultry. For its private labels, Monoprix will offer chickens that have benefited of good farming conditions (56 days of animal growth compared to 39 before and antibiotics-free). In parallel, Monoprix will automatically offer organic chicken in its rotisseries, for a cost of €12.90. It will be guaranteed GMO-free, antibiotics-free, free-range and grown for 81 days.  

With regards to its laying hens, Monoprix had already withdrawn eggs from hens kept in cages back in 2016. Today, Monoprix will roll out its offer of organic eggs under the brand Poulehouse on a national-scale. In this framework, there will be no more poultry slaughterhouses. Hens spend their whole life at the Poulehouse. The box of 6 eggs will be sold €5.99 in order to ensure a good quality of life to hens, develop the construction of new infrastructures and guarantee a better retribution to farmers.

Camille Harel, 7th December 2018,
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