Carrefour & its incredible bet with its concept City La Halle

Carrefour has redesigned its store on the 86 avenue of Clichy in Paris, to give birth to a new concept called “La Halle”. Over 371sqm, the range of fruits and vegs has been multiplied by two compared to the previous store, and a large stand is dedicated to traditional products (fish counter, charcuterie and deli, and cheese counter). With regard to catering, there is a space with 20 seats next to a counter where sandwiches and quick meals are prepared. City La Halle also includes a pedestrian drive collection point.

In order to make room for all the counters and services, the product range went down from 8,000 to 4,500. The objective is to encourage clients to shop online. The pedestrian drive and its 15,000 product range - sold at the same price as the ones in hypermarkets – serve this purpose.

This is a risky strategy but this store “La Halle de Clichy” will serve as a test. It is at the forefront of the offer “Act for Food” pushed by the distributor encompassing: the offering of organic food, fresh food, fruits & vegs, from the so-called "Carrefour quality line".

LSA - Morgan Leclerc, 7th December 2018
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