Young working urbanised generation : precursors of new trends

Young graduated working people under 35, living in areas of over 100 000 inhabitants and working in jobs in the virtual economy are perceived as a particular fringe of the millennials generation. According to a study carried out by OBSOCO between June and December 2018, they are seen as precursors of emerging trends. The weight of their consumption of services and the importance of digital in their day to day is crucial. 39% of them use meals delivery services compared to 14% of the French population. 52% have already booked stays on Airbnb vs 21% and 22% of them are ordering on line taxis or Uber-type transport vs 8% of the rest of the population. These young people are sensitive to life comfort and each moment must be lived as an experiment. However, there is a gap between their ideals and their practice in reality. For instance, their interest for the quality of food does not translate into a commitment for short-circuit and responsible consumption or local consumption. 

LSA - Camille Harel, 4th December 2018,
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