3 trends for 2019 analysed by Mintel

Mintel reviews the three main global trends that will influence the food & drink sector in 2019. They will have an impact on packaging, as well as on marketing and associated services.

1/ Green and fair consumption: sustainable development will be important on the whole life cycle of the product. There shall be a number of product launches taking into account plastic-free packaging, products respectful of the soils (organic and other approaches) or less polluting to the environment.

Food for healthy ageing: 22% of the population will be over 60 by 2050. “Products’ launches will address expectations regarding longevity, with a marketing that will avoid negative connotations on ageing” says Jenny Zegler, associated director at Mintel Food and Drink.

Enhanced, user friendly products: this trend will address consumers’ ever increasing expectations with regards to quality, taste and formatting. Mintel anticipates an increase of the hyperactive consumers’ target that wants quality, ready to eat meals. “There shall be more opportunities for brands to offer consumers-friendly, healthy and customised products for breakfasts, meals or tea” says Jenny Zegler.

Process Alimentaire - Amelie Dereuder, 3rd December 2019
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