Almost a third of flexitarians

A study carried out by OpinionWay and 3W.relevanC (a subsidiary of the Casino group) shows that veganism (people not consuming any products derived from animals or their exploitation) is very marginal, representing around 1% of the population. The study estimates to 28% French who diminish their consumption of fish and meat. This proportion has increased by +5 points in a year. “This increase of flexitarians seems to be due to different factors: a particular sensitivity to vegan’s arguments, a search for meat quality (consuming less but better quality), a search for healthy consumption and a concern for the environment”. According to the study, 60% of households have bought a product with a veggie label on it over the last 12 months. However, regular veggie consumers represent only 5% of households. OpinionWay and 3W.relevanC have categorised them in 4 distinct groups: the family quality seekers (47%), the Young veggie oriented (24%) who are under 35 y.o with no child, the healthy elders (23%) who are over 55 y.o. and finally the Veggie engaged (6%), young and single people, and from Paris area who are the most similar to vegans.

Frederic Carluer-Lossouarn, December 2018, Lineaires n. 352
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