Italian cheeses keep performing

Italian cheeses are doing well at the self-service counters. The Mozzarella represents 46% of Italian cheese turnover, +9.2% in one year. 42% of its volumes are sold between September and April, outside of season. Organic mozzarella, while it represents only 5% of its turnover increased by + 43%. Organic cheese actually represent 4.8% turnover of fresh Italian cheese and go up by 34.6%. While the Burrata was absent from the supermarkets and hypermarkets’ counters 5 years ago, it represents today 3% of the turnover of fresh cheese, going up +39% in a year. Burrata’s Private labels represent 40% in volume. Casa Azzura comes next (24%).  Feta cheese and Mascarpone cheeses, while they progress only by +7.5% and +3.5% respectively in a year still represent a significant turnover of fresh cheese: 20% and 13%.
Agathe Lejeune, December 2018, Lineaires n. 352

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