Grand Frais, the favourite brand of the French

Every year since 2010, the Institute OC&C measures the popularity of the main French distribution brands by surveyeing thousands of clients. Grand Frais appeared in the ranking for the 1st time in 2015, at the 8th place. This year, the distributor is leading the ranking. Picard, used to be well placed, is 4th. With Biocoop 6th and Leclerc 8th, they close the march of food distribution representatives amongst the top 10 brands. Grand Frais scores 87.2/100 based on a number of evalution criteria such as quality, value for money, lowest price, choice of services and so on. Looking closer at the selection criteria, Grand Frais leads on quality (87.5/100), ahead of Bioccop. The brand is 3rd when it comes to choice criteria (after the plateforms eBay and Amazon). Finally Grand Frais is voted second when it comes to trust (88.4/100) behind Decathlon.

Amaury Beautru, December 2018, Lineaires n. 352
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