Desserts get up-to-speed

Ultra-fresh products are recovering, at least from a turnover’s point of view: +0.4% in a year, even +2.6% in June 2018. However, volumes are decreasing -1.8%. Desserts are not doing too well either, -2.1%. Organic desserts represent 16% of ultra-fresh products’ turnover (+26%). The brands Les 2 Vaches (44% of the sales), private labels (25%) and Vrai (15%) are sharing most of the cake. Desserts manufacturers are starting to develop organic ranges. La Laitiere is offering a small cream pot with organic chocolate, after developing its organic rice-pudding. Brands also develop vegetal desserts. Monoprix intends to widen its vegan range. Consumers are also more demanding regarding products’ ingredients and manufacturers try to adjust to it. They bet on a short list of ingredients such as Rians. Nesquik Petit gets rid of one of its preservative and reduce sugar by 10%. Simplicity and ordinary desserts are also trendy: “consumers search for natural products, and their greediness is changing, which opens new perspectives” says Julie Lerebours, Sales development Director at LNUF.

December 2018, Lineaires n. 352
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