The vegan and vegetarian market increased by +24% in 2018

Sales of vegetarian and vegan products in Hypermarkets and supermarkets generated a turnover of €380m last year, representing a growth of +24% according to data from the Institute Xerfi.

This amount is similar to the one for gluten-free products, but is ten times lower than sales of organic products. For the period 2019-2021, the Institute forecasts an annual growth of +17% of the vegan and vegetarian market , representing over €600m in the next three years

“The numerous food scandals, critics about the supposed benefits of milk and meat consumption and an increased sensitivity to animal welfare have led the French to look for plant-based proteins” says Xerfi.

While vegetarians and vegans only represent respectively 2% and 0.5% of the French population, flexitarians represent a third of the population: that is 23m people. Flexitarians will be one of the drivers of the vegan and vegetarian market in France, along with enhancing visibility of these products. In this context, some brands have set up dedicated stores and product ranges such as Naturalia (Casino’s group) and Carrefour Veggie.

Benoit Van Overstraeten, 8th January 2019
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