Kantar Worldpanel releases the winners and losers of the supermarket distribution for 2018

Auchan has gone slightly down -0.2% now representing 10.3% market shares

Carrefour has been impacted by a slowdown of its hypermarkets and Carrefour markets, now representing 20.2% market shares, a decline of -0.2%.

Casino represents 11.4% market shares, a decline of -0.1%, partly due to its brand Leader Price that lost 500 000 clients in 2018

E.Leclerc also goes down -0.1%, representing 21.1% market shares

Delhaize, holding the brands Cora and Match remains stable at 3.3% market shares.

Système U benefits from its online business, local stores and better loyalty schemes and now represent 10.7% market shares, +.01%

Aldi and Lidl’s market shares go up, respectively +0.1% (representing 2.3% market shares for Aldi) and +0.2% for Lidl (c. 5.5% market shares)

Intermarché is the winner of 2018, with its market shares going up +0.3% thanks to a better customer loyalty scheme programme, now representing 14.9% market shares.

Elisabeth Hu, 28th January 2019.
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