Generations “Z”: tricky business for the brands

They are between 3-21 years old and represent a third of the global population. While they are concerned about animal welfare and sustainable development, they have distinguishing and contradictory characteristics such as following trends while reaffirming their uniqueness.

According to the study OC&C, the generation Z are similar in their purchasing behaviours. The average difference is of 10% for this group, compared to 16% for the millennials and up to 23% for the baby boomers. Another parameter to take into account for the brands is that they are strongly influenced, in particular by their online connections. Also, they follow brands’ latest news online: half of them are following brands on social networks (against 21% for the millennials). Consequently, they are largely influenced by the types of comments a brand has received or whether the brand is endorsed by a celebrity, compared to the other generations. While price is the first purchasing criteria for clothes, they pay more attention to where it comes from, whether the cloth is unique or trendy. Personalised or tailor-made products are key.

LSA - Veronique Yvernault, 25th January 2019.
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