Consumption, a key parenting aspect when it comes to education

The label Approved by families (Approuvé par les Familles) surveyed the “cocoon families” for the new edition of its annual family barometer. The “cocoon families”, which give priorities to spending time together with their kids, represent about 72% of the French families. For 83% of these families, the priority given to educational fulfilment influences their choice in terms of their kids’ consumption mainly on the types of family outdoors activities (58%), food (54%) and games and toys (52%). 87% of parents say they are sensitive to brands which are respectful of the environment and globally responsible. 98% of the parents say they pass on to their kids their responsible purchasing behaviours and 94% of them say it is important to educate children to consumption. “Parents are now aware that their consumption is not meaningless, and that they could at their level and via their purchasing behaviours influence a different and more responsible way of consumption […] in particular when it comes to children’s products” says Isabelle Cussac-Marzarguil, founder of the label Approuvé par les Familles and director of the Institute Generations & Co.

LSA, Veronique Yvernault, 20th February 2019.
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