Distributors specialised in organic products are doing well

Even if they remain behind Biocoop, Les Comptoirs de la Bio and La Vie Claire are developing fast, with a respective growth of +9% and +12% in 2018.

Thanks to the Mousquetaires taking an equity stake, Les Comptoirs de la Bio now have a network of 150 stores in France (with 8 additional stores in Belgium and 1 in La Reunion) for a turnover of €360m including tax.

La Vie Claire’s sales reach €300m in 2018 (+12%). The Parc has 353 stores across 105 integrated sites and 248 under franchise, with a growth of 29 units. Around 50 stores are due to open in the course of 2019.

LINEAIRES - Merlaud, 20th February 2019
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