13 distributors and manufacturers sign a National Pact on plastic packaging

Amongst others, Auchan Retail France, Carrefour, Casino, Coca-Cola European Partners, Danone, Franprix, Monoprix, Nestlé France, Système-U, Unilever and WWF France have signed a National Pact on plastic packaging, as such joining the “Plastics Pact” network created by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

All the signatories agree on a joint vision of the circular economy in which plastic – a major source of pollution - never becomes waste. The stakeholders agree to list packaging which can be seen as problematic or useless and for which measures will be taken to remove them. They will also develop packaging which can be 100% reused, recycled or compostable by 2025. Other actions will aim to offer drink cartons which have no aluminium and remove plastic straws. Cheese from cheese counters to self-service shelves will now be wrapped in recycled cardboards instead of polystyrene trays. A dedicated space for loose organic fruits and vegetables, cereals and crops will be set up, eliminating as such unnecessary packaging.

LSA - Sylvie Leboulenger, 21st February 2019, 
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