The Label “Nil pesticide residues” is working its way through in France

A year after its launch, the collective “Nouveaux Champs” now includes 52 members. They represent around 10% of the global French fruits & vegetables production.

In 2018, the “Nil pesticide residues”’ production applied to potentially 30 000 tons of products. However, after a strict analysis, only 10 000 tons have been certified under this label. Tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots represented half of the certified production. In total, 25 fruit & vegetable species benefited from the label, while 20 others are in the process of being certified. This would represent 108 different types of products. Based on the species, price can be 25% to 80% higher than products from conventional farming. “For 2019, there should be 20 000 tons of fruits and vegs certified” says Gilles Bertrandias, president of the collective Nouveaux Champs. “Distributors are paying attention to our work. There are high expectations from consumers” he says. Nouveaux Champs recommends dedicated areas to be installed for nil pesticide residues’ products in Supermarkets and hypermarkets

LSA - Marie Cadoux, 25th February 2019, 
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