Frozen foods and ice-creams “Flavours of the year 2019”

With the 22nd edition of the Flavours of the year, Monadia reveals the winners who will display the quality label for 2019. Producers, importers or manufacturers enter their products in the competition which follows a blind-test. Monadia uses mainly social media to boost the attractiveness of the reward. “Our Facebook MySaveur had 5million contacts in 2018 and our Youtube channel has 6 millions views” says Willy Mansion, president of Monadia.
The 6 winners for 2019 are:
In the meat product category: France Kebab with sliced-kebab (phosphate free, without additive or preservatives, and gluten-free);
In the bakery products category: Labelvie’s brand (So Fast So Good) with their gluten-free range breads;
In the Savoury snack category: Lidl with Déli’Pocket Trattoria Alfredo (pizzas sandwiches to be heated in microwaves);
In the Ice-cream category: M&M’s with its ice-cream M&M’s sticks; L’Angelys with its ice-cream and organic fruits sorbets; and ITM Alimentaire with its Veggie ice-creams made with coconut milk.
LE MONDE - Jean-François AUBRY, 25 février 2019
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