The challenges that face L’Eau Vive for its 40th Birthday

Founded in 1979, L’Eau Vive is specialised in the distribution of organic products and now has 71 stores (of which 41 franchises) for a turnover of €124m in 2018 (+180% vs 2013).

For its 40th Birthday, the brand is launching itself new challenges. 5 new stores will open, with a plan to launch 6 to 7 stores a year, of which a third being incorporated with the ambition to reach 100 outlets by 2022. “The year 2019 will be a double anniversary for L’Eau Vive: its 40th birthday and the 10 years marking its franchise development” says Didier Cotte, president of L’Eau Vive. The brand has also organised its first national convention and introduced its 2022’s strategy – its motto: health, taste, and ethics. Indeed, L’Eau Vive wants to be recognised as a health and nutrition specialist within 3 to 4 years. Looking at its services, L’Eau Vive wants to set up food courts, develop its loyalty scheme, the click-&-collect program and increase its range of loose products.

LSA-CONSO - ​Camille Harel, 11th March 2019.
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