Leclerc Relais & its multiple openings: Tours, Montpellier, Toulon and Paris

Following its first pedestrian click-and-collect store in Paris in January – the E.Leclerc Relais – the distributor will inaugurate its second outlet on the 20th of March in Paris. 

If E.Leclerc’s objective is to gain a foothold on the Parisian market (the plan is to have 80 E.Leclerc Relais stores in Paris city-centre within 4 years), the group’s adherents from other regions are working hard, following the footstep of Thomas Pocher who opened the first pedestrian click-and-collect store of the brand in Lille. 

As such, E.Leclerc Relais stores have opened in Montpellier city-centre with two outlets. Reims also now has two outlets. Tours, Toulon and Châteauroux have one. Openings are planned in Nancy and in Le Mans. In total, E.Leclerc should soon count about 15 Relais outlets in city-centres.

LSA - Morgan Leclerc, 27th February 2019
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