2018: a bumpy year for the food-service industry

According to the NPD Group’s assessment, the food-service industry saw its turnover going up by +1% in value, with €56.1bn euros spent in 2018. If the sector’s growth is less than in 2017 (+1.8% in value), it remains equivalent to 2016. The attendance to out-of-home consumption places went up by +0.6% with the average ticket up by +0.4% for a value of €5.60.

Fast-food restaurants saw its number of visitors going up to 1.2%, while sit-down restaurants saw a decline with -0.5%. With regards to consumer’s behaviours, there is a disruption of meals: “with the development of working-from-home trend, some consumers go for a filling breakfast, followed by a snack in the afternoon, skipping lunch” says Maria Bertoch, Industry Expert Foodservice at NPD Group.

Finally, amongst the top 3 trends for 2019, the NPD Group foresees: 1/ food-on-the-go at retailers will develop (with Franprix Darwin, Bon App by Carrefour and Picard); 2/ snacking will grow stronger, 3/ food deliveries will strengthen thanks to new technologies and new apps,

Le Monde Surgelé - Jean-François Aubry, 11th March 2019
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